Our Acquisition Method

Goldbar’s core mission of protecting our investment partners’ capital begins with our sole focus on multifamily properties. The firm’s strategy focuses on improving Class B & C apartment communities in secondary and tertiary markets nationwide. Historically, multifamily has been the least volatile real estate asset class during downturns while still offering strong upside potential during upcycles. Within multifamily, Class B & C provides one of the most attractive investment opportunities due to the imbalance between the strong and growing demand and limited new supply of these units.

Market Indicators

  • Age: The 18-35 year old market segment is 22% of the U.S. population
  • Income: Renters who earn $40,000 or more annually
  • Price: Where rent is 30% or less of the median income
  • Retiring Baby Boomers are scaling down and enjoying maintenance free multifamily living

Property Criteria

  • Multifamily residential apartments
  • Pitched roof construction preferred
  • Occupancy above 80% with the exception of properties that require renovation, providing properties are well located and present value-add opportunities 

Target Values

  • Size and Price: 50+ units in the $4MM – $50MM range
  • Returns: 7-10% Cash on Cash, Minimum Debt Service Coverage ratio of 1.25
  • Type: C- to B+ properties located in C- to A areas
  • Property Vintage: 1975 or newer
  • Location: Emerging market areas with indicators for strong near and long-term economic growth

Acquisition Practices

Goldbar takes pride in building relationships with local listing brokers to get their “pocket listings” and access to other Bank Owned Properties (REO). Our searches include soliciting owners directly instead of waiting for properties to come to market.


Investment Discipline

Asset selection involves a systematic, routine evaluation to identify favorable demand characteristics, i.e., job and population growth, demographic shifts, supply absorption rates and positive local legislation.


Value-Add Strategy

Think of it as a business rather than a building. The more income it generates, the more it is worth. When we purchase an apartment complex, we are looking for specific opportunities to increase the cashflow in different areas. These are called “Value Plays” or “Value Adding Components”.

About Gold Bar Capital

Goldbar was founded by a team of experienced real estate professionals who saw the potential for high returns in multifamily. The team has over 20 years of combined experience in real estate investment and management. They are supported by a team of analysts, project managers, and finance professionals who work together to identify and execute on value-add opportunities for their investors.

Cash Flow

After all expenses are paid, quarterly distributions go out to investors.


Multifamily is less volatile and continues to outperform traditional stock based investments.


You can leverage real estate, this allows you to buy a $10M property with only $2.5M.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a tax write-off that enables you to keep more of your profits.

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Multifamily Real Estate Investments

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